Do you  think you might be pregnant?  Are you looking at your options?  We can help. The Center exists to support you and your partner in the event of an unplanned or any pregnancy.


All services are free.  There are no income requirements. We offer a free pregnancy test, consultation with a trained peer counselor, discussions about your options and how each choice may affect you now and in the future. 


You have time to explore all of your options...hasty decisions often lead to regret. Contact the Center for a free, confidential pregnancy test and/or consultation.The Center pregnancy website can answer most any question you may have about pregnancy:  



This video may also help answer at least some of your questions

and help you make an informed decision about your pregnancy.  



Free Pregnancy Test and Consultation 

All services at the CPP are free of charge to the client. There are no income requirements. 

Phone & Email Support 

Call and speak to one of our staff. 606-723-0184

For 24 hour pregnancy help and support 1-800-712-HELP  (4357)

Open hours are Tuesday & Friday 11-3, Thursday 10-5. 

Answering service will relay messages when the center is closed.  


What ECCPP does not do:

Perform any clinical tasks

The Center is not a medical facility.  Services are provided by trained staff and volunteers, who may or may not be medical professionals.  The free pregnancy test is a self-administered, laboratory quality, urine test.  Referrals for medical care, free limited ultrasound services, adoption counselling and more are available. We will never refer for abortion services.

Pregnancy Services

Pregnant clients can enroll in and return to the center for pre-natal classes with a pregancy coach, part of the 'Earn While You Learn' program.  EWYL outlines week by week progression of your pregnancy, and continues through infancy into toddler stages. Pregnancy and parenting coaches meet with you individually and tailor sessions to you, your pregnancy and your baby.

Make decisions for you 

As peer counselors, we are here to help you explore all of your options with factual information.  We are here to support you without judgement or coersion.  Your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being are our priority.  Any decision is ultimately yours to make.

Community Referrals

ECCPP is a non-profit and as such is funded primarily by local individuals, churches and businesses.  We work closely with other local ministries and agencies to see that clients' needs are met through referrals.

Have medical staff at the Center

Currently, the Center makes referrals for services beyond what we offer or advertise that we provide.  Limited ultrasound services, free nearby, are offered to clients who may need to establish a viable pregnancy or make an informed choice about her pregnancy.